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They get along very well with cats and other dogs


Even though they lost their dad they easily adapt to new situations.They are playful (really like the games) they are calm and learn easily. Also they do not jump.
Tessi Papaleventi it’s her name, the dogs are still in Athens. Email: [email protected] gr
They just received their annual vaccination.
  • Microchip #: 941000091358190
  • Αριθμός Μητρώου: ΑΝΕΥ
  • Φύλο: ΘΗΛΥΚΟ
  • Ημερομηνία Γέννησης: 31/12/2016
  • Κατάσταση: ΥΙΟΘΕΤΗΘΗΚΕ
  • Κηδεμόνας: Tessi Papaleventi
  • Στειρωμένο: ΝΑΙ
  • Ημερ. Εμβολιασμού: 30/7/2020
  • Τελ. παρασίτωση: 30/7/2020
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